What you'll find here is classic anime that I like. Probably a lot of Sailor Moon.

I grabbed these things from all over the internet (google images, etc) If you see something that needs credit or is tagged wrong, just send me a message.

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Takahashi Rumiko


Newtype Comic Genki in the 10/1989 issue of Newtype.


Sailor Moon x Slayers! http://ift.tt/1BCdSmK

Iczer-1 from Fight! Iczer One requested by anonymous! (。・ω・)♡ ~ for palette challenge. 

b e a u t i f u l !


The lovely Miss Dream has provided scans of the Sailor V kanzenbans! As I’ve mentioned before, colored pages from Sailor V’s initial magazine run are exceptionally rare (to the point of being nearly impossible to find) because 1.) Unlike Sailor Moon, which had six in total, Sailor V never received any artbooks (fingers crossed that Naoko will change that!) and 2.) the colored pages were only printed in RunRun magazines in the 90s; RunRun went out of business a long time ago, which makes the old magazines very hard to find. The kanzenban release fixed all of that!

I compiled all of the colored scans into a folder, which can be downloaded here; these pages are just a small sampling. Thank you to Naoko/Kodansha for granting us a kanzenban release, and thank you to Miss Dream for letting us all see it!





MATSUMOTO Leiji (松本零士), Majyo Tenshi/魔女天使


Blue Seed Anime Scramble article illustrated by Keiji Goto, Ashi Productions and Achiko Kikawa.

Blue Seed op <—- still in my anime playlist