What you'll find here is classic anime that I like. Probably a lot of Sailor Moon.

I grabbed these things from all over the internet (google images, etc) If you see something that needs credit or is tagged wrong, just send me a message.

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Blue Seed Anime Scramble article illustrated by Keiji Goto, Ashi Productions and Achiko Kikawa.

Blue Seed op <—- still in my anime playlist

Sailor Moon Arcade attacks


In 1995, Bandai released a Sailor Moon arcade game. Naoko Takeuchi herself supervised the game and the Senshi’s voice actresses reprised their character roles. In addition, the game animated several attacks only seen in the manga.

(all gifs were provided by ShadowJupiter of DeviantArt. I…

These are so good.



Track: Beads of tears
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持田真樹 - Beads of tears
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